Is peace an ideal regulator?

Peace as regulator
is peace an ideal regulator?

A regulator is a device which determines the power and regulates the good functioning of a system. Therefore, a regulator can save the system from breaking down. On the other hand, inner peace is defined as the state of serenity, or tranquility in mind, in heart, and in soul.

Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, said that peace is within us. In fact, peace is achieved when all our basic needs are fulfilled, and if life is free from worries. Our purpose is to find out whether peace is an ideal regulator.

Is peace an ideal regulator?

Peace regulates health condition

Peaceful mind has a great impact on our physical health condition. Stressed mind can lead to physical exhaustion. In contrast, if the mind is calm, stress will be chased away. As a result, serenity is an ideal tool to boost physical fitness.

  • Without stress, your heart is calm; the cardiovascular system functions at its best, and as a result, blood flows normally in all the body; thus, your blood pressure will be normal.
  • Peace of mind ensures the good functioning of every organ in the body; thus, stress-related ulcers won't happen.
  • Peace regulates the physical health, and enhances vitality and great energy.

Peace regulates mental health

Bad mood and stress, worries and health problems lead to mental exhaustion, which in turn will lead to are duction in brain performance. However, tranquility of mind and heart increases the brain capacity. Therefore, not only can it improve memory, but it can also trigger mind power to achieve our ambitions.

Therefore, it can be said that peace is a perfect regulator of mental health, and that peace triggers a long and good life.

Peace is a watchdog of success

It goes without saying that conflicts have a devastating effect on relationship. Conflicts cause low performance in our projects. By sustaining a harmonious relationship with our surroundings, however, we can join our efforts to accomplish greater goals.

Hence, we can say that to succeed in our objectives, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with our colleagues, classmates, and relatives. It is advisable to make new acquaintances, too. Being friendly with everybody is a good conduct, which can only be achieved through peace.

Peace is the perfect tool to development

War and military spending cost a lot to an in-conflict country. Thus, little will be left for economic, educational, and other development. Besides, ravaged infrastructure will never be reconstructed for lack of budget. In contrast, harmonious living is the way to all kinds of development.

For example, through mutual help and joined efforts, it is possible to achieve rapid economic growth. Therefore, it can be said that solidarity is the best tool to promote development.

Inner peace is an ideal regulator of world peace

Prem Rawat declares that he will establish peace in this world. This is because after finding peace within, he sets out for the quest of global peace. Beside this, he shares messages of peace and leads people to humanitarian acts through his TPRF Foundation. In brief, it is obvious that through the guidance of pacific individuals, it is possible to lead the world into a peaceful place for us.