Should states be reformed from within to restore peace?

Restore peace
should states be reformed from within to restore peace?

State reform aims at bringing changes and improvement or amendments in parts of its laws because they were proved to be inappropriate, wrong, or even corrupt.

State laws were drafted long before changes have occurred in the society, and some articles in the law do not serve the public any good anymore because they seem to be outdated. Thus, let us consider if it is necessary to reform sates from within in order to restore public harmony.

Should states be reformed from within to restore peace?

Here are some vital signs why it is essential to reform states from within in order to restore peace: 

  • High unemployment rate
  • In-state conflicts
  • High crime rate
  • Low GNP per capita
  • Failing educational system

If the unemployment rate is too high

Lack of job opportunities is a serious factor to poverty. If the unemployment rate is too high, it is vital to reform the states from within. Unemployment refers to the lack of opportunities for adequate jobs for graduate students and certified candidates. Low-skilled job opportunities are numerous; however, it is not enough to ensure the economic development of the state.

Therefore, it is crucial that this issue be addressed immediately in order to refrain the public from engaging in unlawful acts.

If conflicts arise in some parts of the states

If conflicts arise in some parts of a state, but the state government is unable to effectively resolve the conflicts, it is essential that reforms be undertaken in order to re-establish public security. Yet, it is worth noting that the reforms should be carried out in cooperation with the main government with the aim to put an end to all factors to conflicts.

If educational failure is recurrent

High illiteracy and failing educational system represent are among the factors to unemployment. If people are unskilled, they will have to end up in low-skilled, low-income jobs, or they will be simply illiterate. Besides, it is impossible for illiterate people to follow any on-the job training and develop economically.

The state's GNP will be too low to ensure strong economy. It is common knowledge that poor educational level may cause people to be violent. Thus, in order to settle peace, it is vital to address this issue to enhance peace through education.

If crime rate is high

High crime rate is another serious sign of the state failure to rule over its citizens. It is commonplace that when the state government is weak, corruption prevails and crime rate is on the rise. If the system is corrupt, it entails in a breach of peace or riots. To achieve peace it is essential to combine states reform with law reinforcement.

If the GNP per capita is low

An elevated unemployment rate is a sign of weak economy or poverty, especially if it is obvious that the GNP per capita is low. To keep unemployment rates as low as at around 5% or 7%, it is necessary to promote all sectors in economy, agriculture, and industry.

Failing to address the issue in time will increase crime rates and violence. Thus, to restore peace, it is essential to create job opportunities for the population.

Prison reform is also essential

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) works for the promotion of peace in the world. It cooperates with other international foundations to find practical ways to restore peace in the world. For example, to promote prison reform, his foundation produces electronic tablets with teachings about peace for prisoners.

Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, is convinced that through peace education, it is possible to achieve prison reform. The objective is that if the cycle of crime is broken, peace will reign in the world.